Friday, June 24, 2011

His First Point...More or Less

Bode (I hope you are remembering to pronounce it as "Bodie".) is a Hungarian Vizsla and he was bred to hunt.  Vizsla's are in the hunter/pointer group.  I was told that he would eventually point, even though we won't be taking him hunting I thought that would be cool to see.

Well, last night I got to see him actually do his first point, although it was incredibly brief.  He'd been following his prey around for several HOURS...really.  He was so  focused!  It was very apparent that he was serious about stalking.  This was not his usual puppy play.

He'd spy his prey and slink forward, ever so quietly.  He'd hold a position for a LOOOONG time and then creep forward a bit at a time.    I grabbed the camera and snapped, too soon.  Then I saw him kind of stretch forward, his tail (what's left of it) pointing straight behind, a front paw then pulled up...  I grabbed the camera again... too late.  He sprang out of it so quickly!  As you see, I got him as he tried to pounce on his prey.  I'm guessing he isn't quite mature enough yet to hold it too long but it was something beautiful to see!

All this great hunting occurred in our living room.  You see, his prey was a house fly!


Anna said...

Too cute! My dog hates flies as well. She tries to catch them.

Maria Rose said...

He's growing up. Hopefully the fly survived, it would be embarrassing to be captured by Bode.

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