Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello? Hello?

I have the world's cutest phone, don't you think?

It is a KIN.  According to my son, it was first marketed to teen-age girls.  Hmmm.  But it is just so cute!  I get compliments from strangers!  I liked the idea of it because it can use Wi-Fi to go online for free, without the extra monthly cost of smart phones.

But, sadly, it is also the world's dumbest phone.  OK, so it is possible that I think it is dumb because I am NOT a teen-age girl.  It is actually quite likely that the problems I have with it are largely operator error.  I've texted messages to people I didn't mean to text.  Like the time I meant to ask our daughter to pick up our mail when we were out of town.  Instead, I texted that request to a friend who lives in a neighborhood quite a ways from our home.  Although she was surprised by the request, she was going to do it!  I have some really great friends!

My phone also drops calls, usually long distance ones.  It is infuriating!  Last night, I had the address book part of it accessed to my Mom's listing because I needed to doublecheck her phone number.  That's a funny thing.  Using a cell phone, sometimes I forget people's phone numbers because I rarely need to know them now.  I just click on their name and my phone dials them.  However, last night I just looked at her number and then dialed on our land line; I just wasn't in the mood for dropping calls, etc. 

I had been talking with my Mom a bit when she got the "beep" and she said, "Someone's calling me."  She then saw that the second call was coming from our town.  I offered to just hang up so she could take the call but she declined.  Our towns are only a few hours apart and she sometimes has medical appointments here, but she doesn't really have anyone that should've been calling her from our town.  She said I was the only one who called her from here and I chuckled and said, "Well, it's not me!"  

Finally, I pulled my stupid cell phone out of my pocket and, you guessed it, I had pocket-dialed her from my cell phone while talking with her from our land-line!  It was me interrupting my own conversation!  It made us both laugh, a LOT.  I guess anything that brings laughter can't be all bad, right?

The good news is, I only have until September 2012 until I am eligible for a new free phone!


Maria Rose said...

Ugh, good luck with that thing. Maybe you should put a new phone on your Christmas list.

Kate said...

I don't think I've laughed so hard in days. That was awesome. I love gadgets, but I'm completely idiotic with the newest, latest, greatest. Kinda sad. I need a new phone. ... All right, I *want* a new phone

Emily said...

I guess you really needed to say something important to call twice! :)

Happy Elf Mom said...

That little phone looks like an Oreo when it's all shut up. :)

Petra said...

This made me laugh a lot too. :-)

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