Saturday, June 04, 2011

Beach Cruising... Sort Of

Last night I enjoyed cruising on my sweet ride.  Yes, I mean my bike that I got for Mother's Day. 

 I've been calling it my "grandma bike" because of it's wide handlebars, comfortable seat, lack of gears, etc.  However, someone else called it a beach cruiser.  Suddenly, I felt COOL! 

So, I road my bike to the beach.  Well, admittedly I do live in Wyoming and beaches aren't really that easy to come by, so I rode to the river.  This picture was taken from a bridge, not a beach, but at least there was water involved.

We live pretty close to this river and I've been a little bit worried because like rivers in many states right now, this one is threatening to flood in a memorable way.  I don't really think we will get flooded but some of the nicer homes along the river are already losing part of their backyards, at least for now.  The trees in the center of this photo are actually on a lawn that is losing to the river.  Since the snow in the mountains is just getting started with the whole melting thing, this could be intereseting!

On my way to the river I  stopped to watch 2 hawks floating around in the sky, seemingly enjoying the lovely evening as well.

I also pondered the absurdity of seeing sprinklers going on a front lawn of a home who's backyard is partially in the river already.  I understood that they'd want to keep their front yard from drying up, it just seemed odd.

Are any of you nervously watching a river this year?
Filling sandbags?


Maria Rose said...

I am not personally worried. I live high enough that if it floods at our house we will really need to think about investing in an ark.

Pam B. said...

What fun--if I still lived in Casper we could cruise together!

Theresa said...

Like the bike! Beautiful photos!

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