Sunday, May 01, 2011

Happy Birthday, Eric!

When my children were young I began praying for their future spouses.  I prayed for those future spouses while they themselves were still children.  I prayed they would have happy childhoods and see their parents model healthy marriages.  I prayed that God would lead those unknown people to our family when the time was right.

For Maria's future spouse, that time came pretty early.  They actually first met when Maria was in 8th grade and Eric 9th.  In high school they became great friends.  Eric was at our house a lot, but Maria had told me they were "just friends".  Then, one day, she said, "I really like Eric."  I commented, "Yes, I really like Eric, too."  I wasn't really too quick on the uptake there and finally she had to say, "Mom, I REALLY like Eric."  That got my attention!

I guess that was the first time I probably realized I'd been praying for Eric all those years.

Well, our daughter chose well.  Eric fit so well into our family!  We feel like we got to see him grow up, at least the last few years of it.  We've come to know what a joy it is to have a son-in-law who loves and respects our daughter with his whole being.  We've also come to love Eric just for who he is.  He's fun and interesting, he's talented and he can tell really long, drawn out jokes like nobody's business.   He's now a great dad to our granddaughter as well.

Eric, we tease you a lot (and you know you deserve that!) but know this, we love you and are so very happy you are part of our family!  I can't really imagine this family without you in it! 

And,  I still pray for you but now it is by name.


Theresa said...

What a great post! I hope my girls find guys as awesome as Eric!

AKM said...

I hope Eric had a wonderful birthday!

Maria Rose said...

Oh man...that made me all weepy!

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