Monday, May 09, 2011

A Great Day

WOW!  I had a great Sunday/Mother's Day!

I love Sunday mornings anyway because I get to go to church.  It is a solid spot in the week.  It is a time to refuel.  I love our church family so it is also a time to be with friends.  Best of all, it is a time to sing.  I just love singing!  I wasn't given the kind of voice that sounds all that great by itself, but I enjoy singing in a group.  Our Worship Team sings such great songs with talented accompaniment; it is a highlight in my week for sure.

Anyway, before church one of my Sunday School Students presented me with 2 gifts she said were a late Easter present.  One was a chocolate cross (I can't show the picture because I ate it right after church) and the other was this beautiful bracelet featuring lots of angels.  It is pretty, huh?

Then, after church, Mike and I went out to eat with Sam, Maria & Eric & Cordelia, and our family friend, Laura.  I only have pictures of Cordy as my camera was in need of charging.  We were at a Chinese restaurant and Cordy was showing the best way to slurp noodles in order to get the most fun out of each one. 

Later, Cordy saw a Buddha statue and saying, "Tummy!" stuck her finger in his bellybutton.  No pictures of that because it kind of creeped me out.  I don't really want to talk about it anymore...

On the way home I called Ben.  I'm so grateful for all the ways to communicate with him and Sara (cell phones, Facebook, Skype, etc.) as they are in North Carolina.  Ben asked what I had planned for my day and I told him I was planning on a nap as soon as I got home.  Don't worry, Mike was driving so this was not a dangerous conversation.  Anyway, Ben asked if I was going to go for a bike ride.  I told him no because I really didn't have a bike anymore.  I then went on to tell him about a bike I'd seen this past week that reminded me of my childhood bike that had NO gears, a big seat and fat tires.  I concluded that conversation as we were nearing our house.

Mike pulled into the driveway and opened the garage door, using the magic opener.  He just sat there so I figured he was letting me out without having to negotiate the tight garage space.  FINALLY, I realized that he couldn't continue into the garage because there was a BRAND NEW BIKE sitting there!  It was the bike I'd just finished telling Ben about!  Mike and the kids had got it for my Mother's Day gift!  It had a big bow on it as well as a perfumed lotion I'd recently admired at Bath and Body Works!

My goodness!

I came on into the house and on my bed, where the planned nap was to take place, was this beautiful plant.  Sam had bought it for me.  It is called an orange star and I think it is beautiful!  Orange is my favorite color and this plant really appeals to me! I admit, I'd pointed it out to Sam a few days ago.  I drop hints because I know my boys would feel bad if they forgot.

So, I postponed the nap.  I dusted off the old bike helmet and went for a ride around the block. then I just kept going.  I went down to the river and followed a bike path for awhile.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day and I felt like I was in 2nd grade, riding my new bike.  What a lovely gift!  I am a bit sore today but it is the happy kind of sore.

I am so very blessed.  My family is really the true gift.  To be loved by such a group of people, it is more than I could have ever hoped for!


Kate Ware said...

Awww, Sue, how wonderful!! And here I was worried, because you hadn't posted! I so look forward to your posts everyday . . . who knew you were off on your blue racer, following your dreams and gathering inspiration for your paisley room! You are truly blessed, my friend (and so is your family!)

AKM said...

I'm so glad you had a sweet Mother's Day! What lovely presents you got! Your family is awesome, and your kiddos have an awesome mama. :-)

Emily said...

Family is a true gift! And what a great gift you have in yours. Love the bike too! I am jealous!

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