Friday, April 08, 2011

Yesterday Maria & I took Cordelia and ventured out of town, just us 3 generations of females.  We had a lovely drive to see my Mom.  We met up at Mom's house with my sister, Tina, as well as my brother, Mike, and my sister-in-law, Pat. 

One of the highlights yesterday was just seeing how trim my Mom has become.  She could do a Nutri-System commercial!  Even as a child I recognized that my Mom was exceptionally beautiful.  It still holds true.  Maria and I were talking about her on the way home, as well.  She's just such a good and caring person.  She's modeled a way of life that puts other's needs above her own.  She's smart.  She's very, very artistically talented.  We're glad to be from her gene pool!

My sister, Tina, drove her motorized wheelchair from her own home not far from Mom's.  I'm so happy that she has that new wheelchair!   It was a little scary seeing her maneuver it up the steep ramp and through doorways that suddenly seemed real narrow, but she did well with it. 

Mike and Pat seemed remarkably calm, considering their house sold and they have to be out in just a few weeks.  That may not sound like a big deal, except that their new living situation is not yet settled and they aren't quite certain where they will be in the interim!  They are walking in faith, though!

On our way home we saw an antelope about to give birth, at least we think that's what we saw.  We didn't stop because we felt she needed her privacy.  We did see lots and lots of antelop that were not giving birth, including quite a few cute little babies.  Sometimes I've seen a herd of buffalo along that route as well.  I really wanted a picture to post of buffalo but they were shy yesterday.  It may seem hard to miss a herd of buffalo but the prairie goes a long, long way and apparently they were hiding out behind a hill.

I'm just going to leave you with a few people pictures from our little day trip...

Pat and Mike, showing us his new I-Phone.

Cordelia and Maria playing with a doll my Mom made (I'm telling you, my Mom can do ANYTHING!)

Me, Mom, Mike (brother), and Tina (sister)


See Jamie blog said...

That doll your mom made is wonderful!

Maria Rose said...

A lovely day!

Grumpy Old Woman said...

You inherited all your mother's beautiful traits, from looks to talent. You reflect God's love. When I think of someone I'd like to be like, I think of you.

Susan S said...

Grumpy Old Woman, thank-you!

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