Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Nonsense about Socks

I am hoping, through this blog to have days where my readers are provoked into exploring deep thoughts about fascinating topics.

Today is not one of those days.

 This is not one of those topics.

I just want to say that I really, really enjoy socks with some character.
It makes me happy to wear fun socks.

I feel financially secure when I have plenty of socks.  OK that may be stretching it a bit but I do appreciate that I don't have to apply for a loan to get a new pair of socks.

Oddly, we have a cat that also loves socks.  Meet Mindy, a.k.a Hoot Hoot, a.k.a. Momma Huggums, a.k.a Bunny Coat... Sam and Mike both think they are good at giving nicknames.

You'll likely never see Mindy if you come visit us.  She is very paranoid of any new face.  She goes to great extremes to avoid being spotted.  When strangers are in our house (she still considers Maria and Eric strangers!) she spends most of her time hidden above the shower in our basement laundry room.  The ceiling is unfinished and she pretty much scales the wall to get up there.

Anyway, Hoot Hoot comes out to play when we are out of the house.  One of the things she loves to do is steal socks!  I believe she gets on top of my dresser and leans over, hooks her paw through the loop style drawer handle and manages to pull it open a bit.  She then works to pull out the bundled up pairs of socks.  I later find them ALL OVER the house!  It is a little annoying to have to hunt down my socks but I understand her love of them so I don't get too upset.  In fact, it makes me think maybe she is a bit of a kindred spirit.


Maria Rose said...

You just called that gorgeous lunatic cat (yes, she is cray-zay) a kindred spirit. I'm just saying...

Kate Ware said...

I just love your blog, Sue. And it often does send me deep into thought! (Seriously!) Like today, I'm thinking I should stress less, and enjoy the small things in life more! (And, I'm gonna be peeking at your feet next time we're home! LOL!) And Miss Mindy is a very pretty kitty!

Susan S said...

Thanks, Kate!
Have you read Maria's (our daughter)yet? It is all about enjoying the small things in life. Click on the bassett hound button and you'll go right to it. And yes, Mindy is a pretty kitty. I'll have to do a whole post on her some day. She's not a boring cat!

Pam Brewer said...

Lenny teases me because often my socks have holes in the toes. Socks just don't last like they used to! It's hard for me to throw them away.

AKM said...

Pretty kitty! My mom's Chihuahua loves socks, too! She'll take off a pair in her bedroom and then find one in the middle of the living room the next morning. HA!

Momma CupKate said...

Our dog loves socks, also. This is my first experience with a dog, so I don't know if that's common, but she doesn't chew them. She just holds them in her mouth.

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