Monday, April 11, 2011

A Colorful Family

This is my Grandpa, Red, and my Grandma, Rose.
With names like that, they were surely meant for each other, huh?

Rose and Red had 6 children.  First came Terry, then Grace followed by Michelle.
This story isn't about those 3 girls, though.  Yes, they are adorable, but let's move on...

Next, came twin girls.  I knew them as Pinkie and Brownie.  That's all I ever heard them called.  I was probably about 12 years old before I found out their names were really Kathleen and Kathryn.  It hadn't even seemed strange to me that their names were Pinkie and Brownie.  It was strange that the first three weren't named Green, Tan & Blue 

The last child was a boy.  He was named Jess Hugh but we all called him Hughie or Hugh. 
If you change the spelling to Hue, his name refers to color as well.

These are things I did not notice or ponder as a child. 

Are you wondering where I am going with this story?

Me, too... 


Robert said...

Beautiful Pictures. I love the names. It's unfortunate that creative names are so frowned upon nowadays.

Maria Rose said...

I like stories that don't have a proper ending.

Helen Nutter said...

I love this!!

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