Sunday, March 27, 2011


What are your plans for this day? 

We're up early, as we are most days.  Sundays have a regular pattern for us.  Mike usually gets up first, having some quiet time to himself.  I stagger out a bit later, my hair is usually, shall we say, "interesting".  Sometimes he teases me, sometimes not.  We'll go about our preparations and then be at church by 8ish. 

Mike goes about doing some last minute things.  Really, I'm not sure what he does because I go right in and look for Allen.  Allen is my friend and we share a traditional Sunday morning hug and then I hurry to my place on the Worship Team.  I don't want to give you the wrong impression here.  I LOVE to sing but I am not a strong voice on our Worship Team.  Don't call me and ask me to sing at a wedding or anything!  They are a nice group of people that include me and for that I am very grateful.  It is something to which I look forward all week.

At the end of our practice time, our daughter's family arrives and little Cordelia blows kisses up to me.  I LOVE that!  Grandpa then gets to walk around with her in his arms.  They BOTH love that.

The church service is great.  We are part of a congregation of a really nice mix of people.  From my vantage point on the Worship Team I can see little kindnesses done around the room, such as someone helping a newcomer find their page.  And of course, the sermon is always inspiring.  Mike shrugs it off when I complement his speaking abilities but he's very good and natural.  He likes to add in some dry jokes but people seem to tolerate that.  He's just himself and he speaks easily to the congregation.  I'm alway proud of him.

After church I have time for a quick hug or two from Cordelia then I'm off to teach 5th and 6th graders in Sunday School.  If you aren't around kids that age much, I'd encourage you to find a way.  I love that age!  They are inquisitive and joyful.  They keep me on my toes!  The best thing is they aren't quite yet too cool to get really involved in the stories. 

After church we sometimes go to the hospital to visit people we know.  On the way home we generally grab something to eat.  By that time Sam, who has his own wheels for church, has usually sent several texts to me, all asking for Taco Bell. 

After we eat Mike and I read the paper together on our big bed.  He likes to read a section, and then toss it at me.  By the time we are done, the paper is a mess.  It's really and odd routine but somehow it makes me feel special.  After all that comes THE NAP!  What's better than a Sunday afternoon nap?!

Later, Eric and Maria and Cordelia arrive and we enjoy lighthearted family time.  We eat a meal together, sometimes the guys go bowling, but we just enjoy being together.  That's a time when I most miss Ben and Sara.  It just seems like we should all be together.

So, that's my plan for today.  I hope your Sundays are just as delightful! 


Maria Rose said...

Mine are similarly joyful!

AKM said...

Sundays are so good for family time! :-)

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