Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Yesterday I brought Cordelia home with me, her Mom to follow a bit later.  Cordelia fell asleep in har carseat but woke briefly when I carried her into the house.  She didn't cry.  She looked around and realizing where she was whispered, "Grandpa, Grandpa..." and fell back to sleep.  Cordy and Grandpa have a delightful little relationship; It is fun to watch them together. 

I have precious memories of my Grandpa also.  I like to remember how he would take me around town when we visited them.  As we went to the grocery store, drugstore, or gas station he'd introduce me around (he seemed to know everyone).  I just knew they all thought of me as some kind of royalty once they realized I was his grandaughter.  Yep, he made me feel like a princess. 

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Maria Rose said...

I feel like I missed out, but it is amazing to see their relationship!

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