Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meet Miss Jane.  Jane is a ladylike cat.  She's generally quite polite where food is involved and that has always kind of surprised me.  Her sister cat, Mindy, is very shy.  When I am offering cat treats, Mindy wouldn't be brave enough to ever get anything if it weren't that Jane is polite and shares nicely. 
All that ended when I purchased catnip flavored treats!  Jane can't help herself.  I scattered a few around the floor (so they get to "hunt").  She couldn't get from one to the next fast enough!  Poor Mindy didn't even make it to the banquet until it was all gone.
Now, I wait until both cats answer my call before I serve the treats.  Also, I put a few right by Mindy, just to be sure.
Someday I'll introduce you more thoroughly to Mindy.  I'm not sure you are ready for that yet, though. She's the craziest cat I've ever known and I've known a lot of cats!

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Maria Rose said...

She's also super soft!

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